You’re Crushed – this will be your nickname – between the destiny of leaving or staying. In Boston or wherever else you can’t work a week, get paid and then not show up at work for a few days because it’s your right to spend the money you’ve earned. They’ll never understand. Alas, you will have to change.

You’re Crushed, like the stones you’ve been crushing of late. To build a huge resort on the best beach of the island, countless kilometers of white sand and crystal clear ocean – the mighty Atlantic, which can look so tame and sound so mild and you can subdue with a votive lamp or plaque, the walls in the little chapel of Our Lady should be bursting at the beams. And today anyway you would travel by plane.

Todo o mundo é o mar

O mar é de todo o mundo

All the world’s a sea / the sea is everybody’s.

Cabo Verde, March 2017