paper shots 2 - 51

“Are you two together?” the waiter asked, determined to screen Him from Her with his portable transparent plastic wall.

“We’ll see after tonight.” She winked.

Impassive, the waiter inserted the freshly sanitized wall to split the table in two, then joked, “Everybody has the right to date. Still, I’m thinking this plastic wall won’t be the only thing separating the two of you tonight.”

He reacted, but then sat down. She pulled down her mask to get a sip of wine. They had nothing in common, true; except for the unpleasant remarks they left on the portable plastic wall.

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  1. Is that really a thing, that plastic wall thing? Will it be a thing? And yeah, what about a mask with a sippy straw built in, how is one supposed to drink one’s drink when masked? And why, even after emerging from the shelters of one’s own place, why are the waiters still snarky? (What I meant to say was, fun flash)

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    1. Haha! Lots of good questions 🙂 It is a thing apparently, or will be soon while poor restaurant owners adapt or close down. If there’s a topic about that, i’ll offer one about plastic partitions at the beach… that should be fun, too! 🙂

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