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Cher is in Vegas and you can fly out to see her. And talk to her backstage. The revolving billboard slides in some nasal spray, get rid of congestion and back to your day; no day seems worth it unless you fly out and see her – Cher, again – light-blue, young, divine. She slides back. Then there are other events in this town and those preferred flyers or paper of cheaper quality, too light not to swirl around in the chilly wind. It’ll be daybreak before Personnel will clean up the crumpled mass of fantastic evenings not to be missed.

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11 Replies to “SCRAPS (CHER IS IN VEGAS)”

    1. Well, the next chapter is me in Vegas with Cher! 🙂 Joking apart – and thanks for your comment! – it’s true, all can be life changing, or can “seem” to be life changing when our attention is drawn to a million things at the same time, some revolving, some swirling in the wind and some crunched under our feet…

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    1. I like the medley of modern life. It’s a struggle at times to manage to focus on just one thing – which is what reminded me of scraps. As for part II, I doubt it will ever happen but still… 🙂 You should’ve seen this billboard. Cher looks, if possible, younger than what she already and normally looks.

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  1. The new modern billboards rotate adds… scraps of information to entice your senses. Yep, airbrushing works wonders. I remember seeing Sonny and Char on the Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In Show. Good grief how can one not age a scrap? Money? 😉

    Your scraps also reminds me of all the bits to be cleaned up after a parade… And also after races the different cans left in the middle of famous car race places. I had read that there was one family who came every year just to retrieve those cans and cash them in… not much you can do with used paper advertisements.

    Cheers, Jules

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  2. Hi Jules, Sorry I’m replying only now. What a lovely comment! I didn’t know about cans left at car race places… But it reminded me of a few years back when I was organizing events in town and we’d put little posters up here and there in strategic places – taped them onto telephone poles or on walls where it’s not forbidden – and a few years later, long after those events, while walking around, I spotted few bits and pieces of those old posters still stuck to poles or walls – “scraps” of those past events… It was the strangest feeling… As for Cher and her being ageless – this post seems to have created a lively debate about that! haha – I really have no idea. I guess we’d all love to know the secret… or would we really?


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