paper shots 2 - 102

Look! And he pointed; and he could because it wasn’t a person he was pointing at, or so it seemed, otherwise good manners would have prevented the action, resorting to some sort of verbal explanation – funny how in these circumstances the instinctual response must be the drilled-in consequence of years being brought up a certain way. This was through the big window of a bus, leaving downtown behind and heading north (the acquainted faces at that hour could already see the route and every stop), and by the time all this was over, they’d rolled on, quite noisily, potholes and street bumps and all – so what was it? The bookstore all lit up, the Grand Hotel, a palm tree swinging in the breeze, the amusing walk of puffy jacket & flip-flops? Wait, that was a person, so how about good manners? Gosh, it was all gone!

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