paper shots 2 - 80

(He didn’t want to be on the tram. Not that late.) A freshly-laminated poster informs passengers that violence against transport workers is a crime – a ‘troubled’ youth yawns on it and fogs it up – while, opposite him fidgeting on her seat, a sari-clad woman attempts to connect to family far away, resorting to online chats instead. Some distance to the left, a couple of young guys inquire of a middle-aged woman which stop is for the park, which is given, wrongly the first time so they request it but stay on, before the woman realizes that the two must be going to the park to do those things she’s heard people do in the park at night: her face changes. Still, the stop is right, they get off and there’s a party, Chinese lanterns soaring in the starlit sky, the woman heaves a sigh of relief, she liked those two somehow.