paper shots 2 - 83

“And all these coinciding factors caused a state of utter poverty…” He was struggling to get the girls’ attention. Their highlighters drew colorful lines through the paragraphs of the book. That was more interesting than his words. “There’s a striking resemblance with today. Think about the current crisis.” One girl looked up, but the professor’s gaze was on the clear-cut horizon of the fields outside, above the straight line of the window. He wished history could be like that. Surely he couldn’t cross that line? “Personally I like them blonde but brunettes are fine as well, when they’re young…”

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6 Replies to “LINES”

    1. Thanks Charli. Always appreciate your feedback – one of the best things about being part of the flash fiction challenge! Yes, we do use lines to create boundaries and then feel trapped… Maybe we’re overprotective of ourselves, or we just think we need them for survival…

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