paper shots 2 - 78

Unreliable transport means that moods hang on the wires and tracks carrying it around the city. An interesting section in a new branch of modern psychology. The relief felt when a train comes in right after another and you know you will find a seat, because, in spite of the first train being jam-packed and the message saying “Next in 1 Minute” fellow travellers on the platform are determined to push at the doors and the big surge is stopped only by the loudspeaker demanding civility. We move on. The sky is moody today and the light, therefore, incredible when it suddenly broke through some massive clouds after a few stops out of a tunnel – where those who opted for waiting must still be – and into the open (public-transport fashion) air.


  1. My first thought was that this looked like a lighthouse lamp…
    I got to go up into a Lighthouse Station (different from a lighthouse out on the pier)…
    when I was in Wisconsin.
    I got a close up of the lens…

    Travel by train is always an adventure. I used to ride the subway in NYC all the time. Though now I’d be lost as to where to go… None of that had daylight until you were off the train and up the steps.

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    1. It is a lighthouse. On the island of Boa Vista in the Cape Verde archipelago, on the side facing the African continent (which is miles and miles away.) Abandoned now but quite a sight standing along on a little mountain right by the ocean. And yes, public transport is always an adventure, you can say that!

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      1. Most of the ‘lighthouses’ in the US are now – for lack of a better term – remotely controlled.
        Though some that were just a tad inland… and had buildings grow up around them, are quite closed. Some being museums with limited hours… I think I have a photo of one in VA or NJ that was a smaller one but we could not get in…

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