paper shots 2 - 57

While the bus was passing through a gate in the ancient walls, he started ranting about contemporary politics, and the upcoming elections and the corrupted politicians, and the system just doesn’t give a shit about you! (He was talking to himself, waving his arms about.) He would’ve gone viral (viral, for the future generations reading this – because he was talking to the future, he pointed out – means that had anybody taped his rant and posted it online, millions would’ve shared it.) Now, where were we? Momentum lost. He couldn’t believe we still hadn’t realized politicians don’t give a shit about you. THEY DON’T CARE! Then he requested his stop and got off, arbitrarily, he the anti-system, at an insignificant stop for day-time tourists because near a park and for a different kind of night ‘explorers’ because near the park. But he wasn’t either, and it was dusk, like in between prescribed times, like saying with contempt: define me if you can.


    1. Well, if you want to argue this point with Mr. Anti-system, i think you’ll find him on the bus at dusk. 😉 it looked as though he was looking for someone to talk to, so he might just appreciate that.


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