ps March 2017 6

The world was much more diverse millennia ago. It can still be so, at times, in the dark tunnels of public transport. His face is hidden by greyish hair (a bit of dandruff, that too a typical feature) back curved, right hand plying with care from end to end of the page he’s studying. His worn little book is the feat of leg muscles in tension that keep it on his lap in a perfectly horizontal position; a pencil, a blue highlighter for one crucial sentence in the paragraph, a reference to a footnote – even smaller print – marked by a circle in pencil and the hesitation whether to simply underline or definitely highlight the extra piece of information. A thought! Another little book comes out and there too the myriad signs and brief comments, with question-marks to be carefully pondered. He drops his pencil, and he smiles from another age at the “guy” who picks it up. He also has the time to be kind!


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