paper shots 2 - 53

Most of us don’t get to see homeless people on the streets as they get ready for the night. Rainy day yesterday and by 11 at night the asphalt was moist and it was sharp cold like you could cut through the air with a knife. (A night fight?) On a boulevard in the center, a few had already turned in, wrapped themselves up in sleeping bags, the face of a dog sticking out of them and the bowl for dropping in coins to the side. Another, in an area you wouldn’t think of finding any, had lit a tiny candle on the window sill of a bank – outside naturally – and prepared his bed at the top of the marble stairs leading to the main door as if he wanted to read by that light. Then he looked for something in one of his many bags. It was… The bus rolled on.


    1. Thank you for commenting and following Papershots! Yes, it’s sad, although I feel “lucky” in a way to be able to see them, if you know what I mean. Lots of people don’t see them and have no idea they exist.

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