The city has its way of making people edgy at any average 7:58 am. Always with a reason: the heat, the cold, traffic, congestion on public transport – tiny sidewalks at bus stops! The workforce spills out of the subway, a woman halts as her phone loses the Skype connection, thinks that by standing there in the middle of the flow it’ll get it back – she’s from a remote foreign country, is she talking to family? Not to be known. At the next stop, getting off, a boy ahead wears a T-shirt bearing the writing “Day One.” Apocalyptic, as ant-like creatures march in unison to above ground speaking at least ten different languages. Although there probably never was a day one. We cut time and we weren’t around when day one started. And when we were, we had to account for epochs before our presumed zero. Will the guy wear “Day Two” tomorrow? Unlikely.

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