“Security [in life] is taking some means of transport twice a day, to go to work and then come back home”, say authoritative books. It is also the opinion of many. On the bus, everybody is bobbing and shaking, the bus has hit a pothole, and then another, and another, and yet another, while skirting a rocky hill in the city. Some huge stones have fallen, the houses at the bottom had to be evacuated and there are barriers now, the area cordoned off so as to make it unequivocal that people are forbidden to walk there – Pedestrians on the other side! – where, waiting at the bus&tram stop, we see open green shutters and the usual white curtains, but oddly enough no one ever peeking out. They say the hill is a network of ancient tunnels dug into the rock and yet gigantic upscale high-rises tower high on top of what must be just friable air.


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