Surely a big black plastic garbage bag cannot be a proper suitcase! Surely… tied at the top and held together by two, probably three rounds of brown adhesive tape. It can’t possibly compare with the slim, elegant shape of hand baggage lugged around on wheels with almost no sound. It seems – at the train station, late morning, the smell of coffee and croissant slowly withdrawing to the advance of pizza and savory snacks – that the suitcases pair up in color with their owners. It’s a fight. White folks unsheathe arrays of light-colored bags while on the other side… there are exceptions though, like light-blue plastic bags or a brand-new green suitcase, and colors don’t match. A theory collapses but still holds true. Rich and poor, you know, and all that. And the jarring feeling that something might be about to happen that surmounts it all.

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