On the escalator at a subway station, November 14. This city turns on its centralized heating systems the next day. And come November 10 those five days inevitably occur of inexplicable freezing, of little-electric-heater warm hugs, praying for the roaring sound of all the heating systems being set ablaze at once! And people are apparently more susceptible to a cold under these conditions.

On the escalator, he approaches, a tissue just pulled out of his coat pocket, she hurries ahead in fear of germs.

He notices and smiles – he would do exactly the same.

He steps on the escalator, she’s two steps ahead; he blows his nose, she takes a few steps up.

He smiles again – he would do exactly the same.

Off the escalator on the platform, it all gets lost, her puffy coat, beret and voluminous scarf. His only sneeze in a crowd of quiet coughing.

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