Colosseo Subway

The Amazing Magician from-India-with-love, on-the-subway-for-spare-change, “with a white string I can make stand straight and hard look!” leaps into the intermittent morning waltz of in…and-out, back…and-forth, you…getting-off?, No…excuse-me. When in the middle of the feat of magic the girl poor-Bosnian-I-live-in-a-shack with-this-little-girl please-help-me “20 cents to buy milk” gets on the train and sees the Amazing Magician from-India-with-etc…

The who-drowns-out-who challenge is on! Yeah! No.

“Please ladies and gent…” she says, and breaks off, gets off, here’s the code of conduct of the beggars who can’t choose which train to ticketless-ly attack. “The white string stands straight and hard look!” not much booty, though, in the worn-out Kullu cap. He thinks it’s the smelly-Rumanian concertina that’s racked up all the little coins!; the unshaven-cute-smile-local-guy I’ll-just-play-some-songs-for-you preying-on-the-teenagers-back-from-school!; the crazy-gray-hair-lady with-toy-keyboard-only-plays-two-notes dog-wearing-a-bandanna! Oh no, she died last year. “Bless you, and your family, and your relatives, and yourselves.” All these people that people have not seen. The sliding doors open and shut.



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