ps 14

A wooden fence. The end of the path? The surface is rough and wet, from the rain last night. There’s a plaque – cold, made of steel, it must be – before the fence stops and the hand drops.

You go back. It says something. Not in your language, though. Hopefully those lessons years ago will come in handy now! – Friends making fun of you for trying. For what? “It’s not like you can read books,” they said. Shaking their heads? That’s what skeptics do.

But letters engraved on a plaque, within easy reach… yes, more of a challenge really than anything else. Ok, here we go.

E… n..t.. r…a.nce – s.. i.. gn… – f..or.. –  e..qu.. i..n.e… (???) – f.. a ..c..ili.ti. es..

Funny coming across this of all signs! There’s more.

S..t..a..bles – f…a..rms –

The mind gets there before the hand.



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