06. Glorious dawn. Took a walk to Santa Maria.

ps 27

Glorious dawn. Took a walk to Santa Maria. How’s it going over there? Mom.

Hi. We keep missing each other! Text me when you can and I’ll call you back. Kisses. J.

It looks like October.

Drew here. I’ve sent you a little email just to know if you’ve received it. Tomorrow I’ll send you the other one. Bye.

Did they get back to you?

Fine.Take your time.

Yes. We’re having breakfast now. I texted you last night! Mom.

I called last night at 11:45 when your phone was off.

Reading Borges’ The Deep Rose. Wish I could write like that.

Hola! I know you’re back. I’m in the mountains for two days. I’ll call you when I get back. Berthe.

Kind reminder of your test – reservation number 6995632 – on Wednesday, July 30th at 7am. To change or cancel please write back or call.

I’m on the train.


Versione Italiana 06.


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