Ps 4

At the station early in the morning the first train gets in at 4. No one gets off.

The train has left the Central Station at 3am to reach the end of the coastal line so that people can get on. From empty to full, passengers will get off in the main town, or at some stop on the way there, to go to work. They all work in factories along the coast.

The line, a feat of engineering constantly monitored, gives its best at 3:35 and 3:40 and a little before 4 when, at times, the sun rises and the red lights on top of the big power poles cease to flicker in the dark.

The train driver is the lone custodian of these early morning shots.

The towns along the coast and the main town where the Central Station is, are not so big. There’s a saying, everybody knows it, when a thing or a person is like “the 3am train”, it means that you take this thing or person for granted.


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